Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Byte Down's Top 6 Most Annoying People On YouTube

Most Annoying People On YouTube

A long time ago, before most of us care to remember, Al Gore created the internet. Slowly, internet users began to share information with the intention of making the world a wiser, better place to live. Gone were the days of societal classification, racial tension, bad grammar and spelling, and general douchebaggery. The internet changed the world.

Okay. So 99% of that is false. One this is for sure though. The internet gave voice to those who otherwise may not have had it. Byte Down loves the internet. It's our mother. We were birthed out of the warm, sticky womb of the WWW and we couldn't be more elated to have a medium such as this to bring our insanity to the World Wide Buffet for your consumption. But some people.....some people just need to be stopped. And we've got a list.

6) Norm, of YouTube's NormTheBarStool Channel, is a fat guy. You will know that not only because you can see him, but because that is generally all he talks about. He essentially takes the "Well, I might as well make fun of it before they do" philosophy and skull pumps you with his ridiculous stories that make no sense. It seems to have done him well, though. As he's garnered over 32,000 subscribers who love to point out that he's a "fatty fat fuck". Fantastic.

5) It's hard to put a finger on what exactly makes Shane Dawson so annoying. Is it his hair? Is it his laughably bad attempt at humor (wait...that doesn't make sense)? Or is it his fans? It could be the fact that a unfunny guy who looks like he's caught in a perpetual and invisible wind storm has nearly two million loyal fans. We'll chalk it up to that as we refuse to accept an acceptable answer. You decide.

4) This one is a head scratcher. Not just a regular head scratcher. It's one of those "grab a metal coat hanger and grind it into your scalp until it reaches your brain" head scratcher. This seemingly teen-aged girl, who goes by the name Boxxy, simply places a mid-range quality camera in front of herself, hits record, and does her best Anna Nicole Smith impression. Someone get this girl a horse grade tranquilizer and the rest of us an Asprin. 92,000 subscribers. Yowzers.

3) Sometimes, a good idea is really hard to come by. So you just rip someone else off. That's exactly what Chris Bores has done with his Irate Gamer character on YouTube. The Irate Gamer is essentially an unfunny, less creative, and poorly done copy of The Angry Video Game Nerd. Bores is about as funny as a dead baby joke told in church and has the personality of Richard Nixon's rotting corpse. He's the guy that gets killed first in 80's slasher films while he's masturbating in the camp outhouse. He's annoying simply because he exists. Just over 118,000 subscribers.

2) The last time we saw a middle eastern looking fella disappear and reappear this often was when we were trying to knock out The Great Tiger in Nintendo's Punch Out!! on our NES. We'd love to knock this guy out, too. It's not just the editing style that makes Ray William Johnson annoying. It's the hair, it's the voice, and it's the fact that it's Tosh.O minus the funny. And dude, pick a damn name. The three name thing went out in the 90's and you certainly are not of Jonathan Taylor Thomas caliber. This guy is also in talks with HBO for his own show. We weep for humanity. Nearly two million subscribers.

1) You'll have to take our word for it. This next thing is the most annoying thing you'll ever see. And you can't unsee it once it's been seen. So don't even watch it. You will cry yourself to sleep at night. At some point, all of the above "honored" YouTube talents have made video comments on how annoyed they are by this abomination. We can't even talk about it anymore.

So here is Fred. Avoid at all costs. Run from Fred videos as if you are being chased by a horny, rapey gorilla with a penis the size of a can of Pringles. We can't stress this enough. Brain rape.

Obviously, these are just our opinions. There are surely leagues of YouTube undesireables out there who deserve a top spot on a “horrible” list. Having said that, one has to wonder if annoying is the new cool. Someone put Carrot Top in the movies. Jimmy Fallon has his own late night talk show. And judging by the number of fans these people have……we can tell that the internet has REALLY bad taste.

Who would YOU put on the list? We want to know! Chime in with a comment or send an email to


  1. I am at 100% in agreement with Fred being in the number one spot. And can you please explain to me why he was on the super funny "iCarly" and now has an upcoming movie on Nickelodeon??

    Also, VERY disappointed that "Annoying Orange" was not in the countdown. I HATE! Annoying Orange.

  2. Annoying Orange almost seemed too obvious to include in the Top 6. However, you may be pleased (or destructively angered) to learn that Ray William Johnson, #2 on our list, is the voice of Crabapple of Annoying Orange fame.

  3. Aw, man... now i'm going to have Rapey Gorilla nightmares tonight! Thanks a lot!

  4. I should have listened to you and not opened that damned Fred video. I only listened to 4 seconds but I really, really want to see him dead. Can we divert that other nutcase who's trying to hunt down Bin Laden between diabetic comas and repurpose him?



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