Monday, August 2, 2010

Tonight there's gonna be a JailBreak(Me) for iOS4 users

Got one of those new snazzy iPhone 4 phones, do ya? You say you're a crazy app freak who just can't settle for what Apple allows on their iTunes store and you want your favorite daily horoscope app to run? WHAT?!?! Apple doesn't approve that app? Well, you're in luck!

Today JailbreakMe is live and available for your rebellious self to download and enjoy, courtesy of the Library of Congress who made the program legal, and the fine folks at who hacked the exploit in the Mobile Safari Browser to develop this free online based tool.

After Jailbreaking your iPhone, you'll be able to download a host of buggy, non verified iPhone apps; a feature Android OS users have loved and loathed since day one. But it's not just limited to iPhone users. iPad users can also frolic in the seedy world of portable device hackers by using JailbreakMe. It'll run on all versions of the iPhone if you're using iOS4 (stability issues have been reported by users using iOS3 releases). JailbreakMe is so easy to use, even your grandma can do it. In fact, I think I saw your grandma updating her Facebook about it. It involved lots of "Woot woots" and whatever the seniors are using for slang these days. You might as well give Jailbreaking a shot. What else are you going to do while you wait 4-5 weeks for that free Apple bumper case for you iPhone? It's either this or you can practice holding that phone the right way. You find all you need to get started here.

While it is no longer a legal issue to Jailbreak your iPhone (iPad included), it should be noted that doing so may void your Apple warranty. In some cases, it could completely brick your device, making your phone or tablet a really expensive (but slick looking) paper weight.

If you're a pansy and too scared to Jailbreak your device, you can wait around for that horoscope app to get approved by Apple. But who knows when Uncle Steve and his cronies will get around to it. And without that horoscope to tell you, you may never know when it does happen. Think about THAT.

The ability to unlock your iPhone for use on other US carriers will be a feature in an upcoming release of JailbreakMe. Stay tuned to Byte Down for more information on that.

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