Sunday, August 1, 2010

Go back in time on October 26!

If there is a person alive who doesn't love Back to The Future, they better hope I don't run into them in a dark alley. I will take my hair dryer and melt their brains.

I've owned the trilogy in a multitude of variants. I've had a VHS tape from one of those free HBO promotions (analog BitTorrent of the 80's), the retail VHS set, the single releases on DVD, and finally the DVD boxset. And on October 26th (the exact date that the first movie released in theaters 25 years ago), I WILL own the 25th Anniversary trilogy on Blu Ray. It is my density.

We're talking all three movies completely remastered in glorious 1080p resolution, 12 freakin' hours of bonus footage (includes 2 hours never before seen footage), and a host of other cool Blu Ray exclusive content. If there was ever a reason to drop a hundred dollars of money you don't have on a Blu Ray player you probably don't need, this is it. Hello........McFly!

Read all of the excellent features and place your pre-order on As of posting, you can secure your copy for under $50 (shipped free) and also get yourself $4 in Amazon digital downloads (see site for details).

I gotta make like a tree and go call the Doc to see about borrowing the DeLorean. I have a killer craving for a Pepsi Free.

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